Pass it on skills is a site for groups of people to come together in person or online to share a skill.aRed00001

Originally it was founded as an offshoot of the Facebook group Pass It On Coastal Style (North Tyneside) and is based in and around the North Tyneside area. This site acts as an alternate access to the group other than Facebook, and as an archive of events and information of the group and we hope it will grow into a community resource of its own.

The page has been set up with the intention that people are able to enjoy new experiences and collaborate in new ways. We very much view the page as a community venture and take all members personal safety seriously. We encourage meetings to be in group settings as this lessens any individual vulnerability.*

We would also love groups to remain linked to the pass it on skills page and to share updates on how your individual adventure is growing. This way we can support you if required and new pass it on skills members can join in.

This is a non-commercial group, where people are offering their services for free. Wherever possible sessions will be free to attend, unless venue charges apply, which we obviously intend to keep to a minimum if not free.

Any member with a business, we hope you appreciate this group is for personal use only and not promotion of your own business.

Have fun learning, making connections and sharing


Jo and Karen


We cannot accept any liability for any accidents which happen whilst undertaking a pass it on skills event. You take responsibility for your own health and safety whilst attending any of our events.


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