We've tried to organise a lot of diverse areas of interest into vaguely related groupings, just to make things easier to find.  We've tried to make them fairly obvious and easy to navigate, but would welcome feedback, either via Facebook, this site's Blog or email.

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As distinct from Crafts, so knitting, crochet and the like, are to be found here. This is the home for Creative Writing, Photography Painting etc.

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Your IT and Tech queries, including web development and using social media.

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Not that Crafters aren't creative (and vice versa) but in trying to make things easier to find, we had to make some arbitary decisions. So this is the place for "handicrafts."

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It may seem like a hodge podge of a title, but Maintenance was too general, so Home Maintenance expanded, actually a lot of the early queries were car maintenance orrientated.

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