At the very start of Pass it on Skills people asked about learning how to knit. There are notably a lot of knit and natter groups locally but these groups tend to be occupied by people who already know the craft and could be scary for a newbie!

Therefore it felt important to be able to pass this skill on and not assume any prior knowledge. Beginners knitting commenced as a four week course lead jointly by Karen Morely and Mary Oliver. The course was designed to take members through everything you needed to know in order to start ones very own knitting project from yarn to needles to the tricky slip knot.

The first beginners knitting ended in the group practising increasing and decreasing through making Christmas tree decorations. A second rotation of beginners knitting has since finished and the group has continued to meet on a social basis. Knitting and crochet have been important skills on which other projects have been based for example keeping winter warmer and twiddle muffs


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