As Pass it on Skills developed so has the offers by members and we've seen a whole host of wonderfully creative and exciting one off adventures.

Beginners patchwork A lot of skills members early on expressed a desire to learn how to sew and specifically to learn how to use a sewing machine. Ruth Patrick led a session whereby people got to know their sewing machine and produced some pieces of patchwork.

Christmas Crafts Sally Southern led a session incorporating a number of ideas for a Christmas Craft session. Included were how to make felt flowers, bespoke cards using buttons and newspaper and hanging heart decorations. Helen Lancaster who came showed the group how to make sock snowman who were filled with rice. The group produced some amazing handcrafted gifts for the season.

Christmas Crafts Helen Lancasters Sock Snowmen

Waldorf Dolls Joanne Ruth Adams kindly suggested this from the interest shown in sewing projects. Waldorf or Steiner dolls are used in Waldorf education and made using traditional techniques of wool and cotton.

" I'm planning on showing a really simple doll initially and then hopefully giving you the skills and showing you how to find good resources and materials to make more complex designs. I'm certainly not an expert but I'm happy to share everything I know".

A small group of people were able to produce these wonderful dolls.

Kids Hair Styles There was a lot of interest in hair styles and in particular how people achieved certain looks. Louise RK Sheen led a fun and informative session managing to demonstrate Dutch and French style plaits on children aged 2 to 13 years old. Louise passed on a number of top tips about the difference between the plaits, how to start them and how to achieve certain looks which I know I've reused on a regular basis at home.


Origami As a result of the Pass it on Gathering there was a request for an origami session. The origami session is now organised and Rebecca Robles is to share this art form with a small group of people soon.

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