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Crafty Ideas: looking forward

We have lots of exciting new ventures coming up on Pass it on Skills in the first half of this year and we are coming up to our half birthday (which we should celebrate but Im not sure how! watch this space).


I have applied for our second Small Sparks grant (Whitley Bay Big Local) with the hope of being able to fund some of the one off events for example, a craft workshop in association with the BBC Get Creative events on 2nd April, Whitley Bay Carnival on 28th May and I'd love to mark the World Wide Knitting in Public day which is 18th June 2016. There is also least I forget World Book Night as well on the 23rd April.


In the next two weeks we have three new events Origami, (March 12th at Olives) Walk and Talk (March 20th) and Make up workshops (March 19th Birth and Baby centre). It has been fantastic being able to facilitate abd support these new ideas. Particularly meaningful to me is being able to coordinate a jewellery workshop (May 21st at Papercuts)  as the materials for this session have kindly been donated to the group by a member whose mother prior to her death had enjoyed practicing the skill of making jewellery. I am hoping that people will make a donation towards this event which we can then give to the Oncology Unit at North Tyneside General Hospital. 


We also launched our website which we couldn't have done without Jymn's tireless dedication - thank you Jymn and got our first press release published in The Whitley Bay Guardian. 


All in all its been an incredibly busy and exhilarating few weeks. 


Thank you to everyone for making Skills a success




If you want to join any of the events you can do so by joining the events through the Facebook page or you can send an email using the contact email on this webpage.

Crafty Ideas: looking for skilful solutions.

The first in what I hope will be a series of blogs about all things connected with Pass it on Skills. About what's happening now and plans for the future.

Pass it on Skills has grown at an extraordinary rate and has truly taken on its own momentum. This is because of its amazing members who give their time, passion, enthusisam and dedication to the group. It is a group very much founded from the roots up and that is the way I hope it will remain. I believe this is why the group has grown the way it has and why it has such a genuine feeling of community.

 After the success of the Pass it on Skills gathering in February 6th 2016 I feel it would be great to try to organise some more joint ventures between the  different pass it on groups. The Whitley Bay carnival in May seems to provide an ideal platform for this to happen in some shape or form. This is very much still a work in progress. Please let us know your ideas for any future ventures.

I very much hope Pass it on Skills will be successful in being awarded some additional grant money in the future in order that we can sustain the growth and flow of creativity during 2016

all the best for now jo

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