·         Bonjour = Good morning, hello (any time during the daytime)

·         Bon soir = Good evening, hello (evenings only)

·         Au revoir = goodbye

·         The French are very polite – they always say monsieur or madame. If in doubt, say it.

·         Bonjour Monsieur (pronounced "mers-yer"), Madame = Good morning sir, madam


·         In French you cannot say "I am Jon". They say “I call myself Jon”.

·         Je m'appelle Jon (Snell) = Literally "I myself call Jon"

·         Or in a more English way = “My name is Jon”, “I am Jon”


·         The question to ask someone’s name is “Comment vous appellez-vous?”

·         Literally = "How yourself call you"

·         Or in a more English way = “What's your name?”


Combining the three:

·         Bonjour Monsieur, je m'appelle Jeanette, comment vous appellez-vous?

·         Bonjour Madame, je m'appelle Jon.

·         Enchanté, Jon. (pleased to meet you Jon, like “enchanted, Jon”)


Where do you live/?

·         Oú habitez-vous? = Where do you live?

·         J'habite á Whitley Bay, en Angleterre = I live at Whitley Bay, in England


Where are you from?

·         D’oú êtes-vous? = Where are you from?

·         Je suis de Newcastle = I am from Newcastle


Other frequently used phrases:

·         Pardon = excuse-me (used to say sorry or to clear a path)

·         Excusez-moi = excuse me

·         Excusez-moi madame, excusez-moi monsieur

·         S’il vous plait = please

·         Merci (beaucoup) = thanks (very much)

·         Merci madame, merci monsieur


·         (je suis) désolé = (I am) sorry