As Pass it on Skills grew it was suggested that the group could apply for a Smalls Sparks Grant. "A Small Spark is a grant to help local people with an idea, do something to make their community better and bring people together" Whitley Bay Big Local

The Small Sparks application was successful and the Pass it on Skills group was awarded £250.00. The money has been spent in a number of ways. Firstly, we have used the grant money like seed funding by using it on materials and feeding that money back into our larger community. Examples of this are one off projects  for example working in conjunction with 'Making Winter Warmer" where pass it on skills members came together in to knit hats and scarves for local homeless people which were then donated and given out through the MWW outreach workers.

Secondly, wool and embellishments have been used in the Twiddle Muffs project. The completed pieces from this project will be shared with North Tyneside Hospital. The Twiddle Muffs project has been carried out in collaboration with Earsdon Grange Residential Home and its residents have been an important part of the meetings.

As well as producing something which will help support a patient with dementia in hospital the making of the twiddle muffs has helped bring together residents who could be isolated within a residential care setting with pass it on skills members. There has been an important social and fun aspect to the group meetings. Julia Goldblatts experience is a wonderful testament to this

I have loved joining the weekly twiddle-muff knitting sessions held at the local care home where my mum lives. Sharing the knitting sessions with the residents and watching them rediscover their knitting skills has been very special. As a group we have also produced a range of gorgeous handmade twiddle-muffs which will be used by people living with dementia in hospitals and care homes. Really enjoyed today's session Julie Goldblatt

The small sparks money was also used to support the first pass it on gathering and to enable one off projects like kids hair styles a place to meet by paying for venue hire.

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