It started with a thought on the 10th of October – the group was a mere 4 days old.

“I've had some wine, but I've had a thought. In Cullercoats, in fact all over the North in the old days, women came together to make proggy mats. How about a joint project we could work on? Also, for knitters, C'coats fishermen wore ganseys with particular patterns....folk revival anyone?! X” *



The first meeting was arranged for the 13th of November 2015 at Cullercoats library (yes it was Friday the 13th, no horror stories, unless you were one on the t-shirts cut into small pieces) from the beginning the plan was to learn the basics, then a joint project, possibly for the library which was kindly hosting the gathering. It turns out that 2016 is the library’s centenary  so something for the library in commemoration of 100 years of a Cullercoats Library.

* Ganseys hasn’t happened – yet, but two beginners knitting courses have already happened and morphed into a social knitting group.



At its simplest, a proggy mat is a design drawn on a piece of hessian, then filled with strips of material poked (progged) through the hessian. Variants on the idea include hooky mats, where the strip of material is pulled through the hessian with a hook and clippie mats where the design is clipped (sculpted) into 3D relief with scissors. 



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