Advertising Flyer Back in early December 2015 Sarah Jane Heath messaged me, crystallising a thought I was already having about the pass it on skills group.

Sarah was part of the adult recorder group and suggested wouldn't it be good for all the groups to get together so we could share and enjoy one another's creativity.
Event photo montage
The pass it on gathering was an amazing event held at Olives at the Station on Saturday February 6th 2016. The event managed to showcase many of the individual pass it on groups to one another for the first time; for example we were treated to renditions from both the adult recorder group and the hum and strum group. People who came were also able to try their hand at proggy matting, crochet and learn about the twiddle muff project with Earsdon Grange care home and about the skills book group. Excitingly there were also some new skills to be experienced, tai chi, Charleston dancing, origami, denim heart designs and card making.

The event was fun informal and friendly and seemed to garner a real sense of community for the people who came.

Event Photo Montage

Rebecca Seal commented:
I've just been to an incredible event organised by Joanna Bates. Our wonderful community came together to try knitting, guitar playing, hand massage, dancing, colouring in and loads of other funky crafty things just for a bit of a laugh and nonsense. LOVED IT. This is what weekends are for!”

Hannah Fuller commented
So proud of Joanna Bates. She's done something amazing in our little community, and galvanised people into action, forming groups, passing on skills, making friends, trying new stuff. Just brilliant. :)) If you don't belong to the Pass It On community yet, check it out.

Haley Wall posted on Facebook :
I think this event was wonderful. I went along with a friend of mine ( I don't live in Whitley Bay.) It showed real community spirit, lots of people giving up their own time and resources to share crafts and skills that they enjoy. The atmosphere was lovely and it was fab to see young and old enjoying it. Well done Joanna for organising it all.

Hopefully there will be more gatherings in the future


Event photo montage

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