Questions for the Bike hirer.

Say you would like to hire two bicycles please.

Ask if they have bikes for ladies as well as for men.

You would like two helmets as well.

Ask if they have paniers so you can take a picnic?

Ask if there are some good cycle routes in the area?

Ask if they have a map they can give to you?

Ask what is the latest time you must return the bike?

Ask where should you collect the bikes? And return them?

Ask what time they close?


Questions for the Bike hire shop owner to ask.

Ask if they want standard bikes or electric bikes.

Ask if they want bikes for adults or children?

Ask if they want bikes for men or for women?

Do they want bikes for all day or half a day?

Do they want to take a guided tour, they are very good. €35 per adult for all day, includes bike.

Ask if they have insurance; offer them insurance if they have not. €5 per person, per hire.

Ask if they want a bike lock? €5.

Other prices:

Helmets adults or children = €6

Basket = €3

Panier = €4 each, max two per bike

Tool box is included (= inclus) with every hire

A route map of good cycle routes is included



La location des vélos = (bike hire station)

Disponibles en tailles adulte et enfant = available in adult and children sizes

Un vélo fabriqués pour les hommes, les femmes, les enfants = a bike made for men, ladies, children

La Casques = helmet,

Un antivol = anti theft devices

Une boîte à outils = toolbox

Une assurance responsabilité civile tous risques = civil risk insurance

Le panier = note "panier" is French for basket and not for panier !

Une sacoche = panier

Les itinéraires cyclable = cycle routes